What to keep in your car in winter...

Posted by on 3/26/2018

What to keep in your car in winter

What to keep in your car in winter is very important and it could save your life. 

Are you the type of person that likes to anticipate issues before that arise? If you are, you have probably already thought about what to keep in your car in winter. You may have even gone the extra step and created or bought a winter roadside emergency kit. If you are not this type of person but you are reading this post, we can help you plan for the proper winter survival kit for your car that could actually save a life in the certain circumstances. 

What to keep in your car in winter: The why?

Although many people don't think about it, it is essential to keep winter emergency survival kit in your car at all times because your car is susceptible to roadside emergencies every single time you drive it. According to AccuWeather.com...

"More than 70 percent of roads in the United States are located in snowy regions which receive an average of over 5 inches of snowfall each year, and nearly 70 percent of the population lives in those regions, according to the Federal Highway Administration.

As you can see, it's especially true to keep an emergency car kit during the winter but it actually applies to the entire year. Let's take a look at some situations that can happen to your car while you are driving it. These include: 

  • Flat tire
  • Dead battery
  • Vehicle catches on fire
  • Car breakdown
  • Ice on windshield
  • Stranded vehicle due to snow or ice

Now, some of these situations are not as serious as others but certain situations call for immediate action in order to prevent as much damage as possible to property. An example would be your car catching on fire. If this were to happen and you had a fire extinguisher in your trunk, you could put the fire out relatively easy and quickly with a minimal loss. If you were not prepared though and didn't have a fire extinguisher in the car, you could completely lose the entire car to fire. 

car on fire

Another example is getting stuck in the middle of nowhere from ice or snow during the winter time. If you didn't have items such as blankets, candles or a tire traction device in your car this situation could turn bad really quick depending on the circumstances.

car stuck in snow

What to keep in your car in winter: The what? 

We have already mentioned a couple of items but what you keep in your car in winter is very important. 

These should include:

  • Food – items that don't spoil such as energy bars
  • Water – keep in plastic bottles so they don't break if frozen
  • Blankets
  • Clothing
  • First aid kit with seat belt cutter
  • Shovel, window scraper or a snow brush
  • Candle and matches
  • Flashlight
  • Whistle
  • Roadmaps

Other items we also recommend to keep in the vehicle:

  • Tire traction mats
  • Antifreeze windshield fluid
  • Rope
  • Jumper cables and/or portable car battery charger
  • Portable tire inflator
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Warning signs or road flares

top 5 things to have in your car

What to keep in your car in winter: The where? 

By now you may be thinking this sounds like a lot of stuff to have and you are correct. That is why we recommend buying a pre-made emergency car safety kit because they usually come with a storage bag so everything fits in it nicely. The kits take up less space and can be easily stored in your trunk or behind a seat for easy and quick access. The pre-made kits also make it easy for a passenger to hand you a bag of items encase they don't know what some of these items are thus possibly saving precious time depending on the roadside emergency.

What to keep in your car in winter: The how? 

You can buy great winter emergency car kits online but you can also make your own if you like. If you want to save time and money we recommend buying a pre-assembled kit. You could always buy a smaller kit that is within your budget and add to it as you want. If you are a DIYer, all items can be bought separately and placed in your vehicle accordingly. Either way, take the necessary steps to protect you and your loved one from unexpected roadside emergencies. 

What to keep in your car in winter: The Portable Tow Truck!

Now that you have learned more about what to keep in your car in winter, we would like to discuss one specific item that car safety kits do not typically have in them. This item is a tire traction mat and it is vital to have throughout the entire year to help with car stucks in snow, ice, mud, and sand. This mat gives your car crucial extra traction in the time of need if you ever get stuck. We would like to introduce THE PORTABLE TOW TRUCK - THE ULTIMATE TIRE TRACTION DEVICE. The Portable Tow Truck is proven tire traction aid used by the largest commercial fleet companies in the world and 1000s of people as well. For very little money, you can have the best tire traction aid for snow, ice, mud, and sand in your vehicle at all times. They are lightweight and can be used by any driver with any vehicle type over and over. To learn more about the product please check out what our customers have to say about us on our REVIEWS page and you can watch a VIDEO of the product by clicking the pic below

Orange Portable Tow Truck

If you have any questions at all you can reach out to us from our ABOUT US page as well. Now is the time to get The Portable Tow Truck for your car and protect you and your family from unexpected roadside emergencies when your car gets stuck in ice, snow, mud or sand. To buy our product please visit our BUY NOW page and then select the area (US or Canada) and color. 

Black Portable Tow Truck

Please comment below on this post and also check out and like our Social Media sites below to get up to date product info and industry news and remember - Don't Get Stuck Without The Portable Tow Truck!

If you would like to read more from AccuWeather.com please click HERE.



Steven Ashton
Date: 3/26/2018
Very useful and informative post. I had no idea this product existed. I think this would be a necessity for the military as well. I wish you the best of luck in your business. Blog post is very appealing with nice graphics!
Date: 3/26/2018 3:28:00 PM
Hey Steven, thanks for commenting. We do find a lot of people have never heard of our product or this type of product. Hopefully, we can change that! :) Yes, the military is a great application as well as everyday cars, trucks, van and even commercial fleet vehicles. Thank you, Curtis
Date: 3/26/2018
Great post easy to read and sobering. Far too often people go out without been prepared I think most of us have at some point and then the reality sinks in If only I had brought that simple thing with me and now I wouldn't have to face this annoying or worse situation of been "stuck".
Date: 3/26/2018 3:57:00 PM
Hey Joe, thanks for commenting. Yeah, we all do it. Preparation is key though and it can actually save a lot of time and money when the unexpected happens. Thanks, Curtis
Date: 3/26/2018
A great post with lots of information about what to keep in the car. Some of the things I would have thought about, but there are also things on your list I wouldn't have thought about, and they are things that would be the most useful too. Thanks for this information, I will make sure I bookmark this post and go back to it to make sure I have everything needed in my car before winter. P.s. I have never heard of the portable tow truck before but it looks like an amazing tool to help get people out of trouble. Best wishes, Michael.
Date: 3/26/2018 4:08:00 PM
Hey Michael, thanks for commenting. It's a great product and solves an issue that most people don't really think about until its too late. Then, if they have to call a tow truck, it will cost them a lot more money and headaches. We like to think of The Portable Tow Truck as the spare tire of getting extra car traction when you need it. Best of luck, Curtis
Matts Mom
Date: 3/26/2018
I live in Florida so really don't have to worry about this. But I did live in Alaska and this does bring back memories. Your list is much better than what I threw in my car during the winter months. But, my son lives in a cold climate and he is so hard to buy for. I like the idea of sending him a car care package to keep in the car for the winter. I will sure feel better knowing he has what he needs. Great list!
Date: 3/26/2018 10:20:00 PM
We just got Alaska a actually, Eagle River just north of An courage. Our tire traction mats would make a great gift. Let us know if we can help with anything. Thank you, Curtis

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