Emergency Car Safety Kits - Can they help save your life?

Posted by on 5/31/2018

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Emergency car safety kits are very important tools to always have in your car. Under certain situations, they could also be the difference between life and death. Most are not very expensive but they can save you a lot of time, money and headaches. 

We will discuss emergency car in more detail in this post so you better understand what they are and how they can help you in a roadside emergency situation. We will also introduce you to one item that we feel needs to be in your emergency car safety kit at all times, The Portable Tow Truck

Emergency Car Safety Kits: What is it? 

A kit (usually a bag or box) is typically kept in the trunk or behind the seats of a vehicle to help in roadside emergency situations. The kits come in all different sizes and shapes. Most kits are different in that they have a different assortment of safety products from kit to kit. We’ll talk about this aspect in more detail later but this is why the price can vary from kit to kit greatly. 

Emergency Car Safety Kits: When is it needed?

Car stranded on the side of the road

A kit can be used in many roadside emergency situations. Here are just a few:

  • Flat tire
  • Dead battery
  • Vehicle catches on fire
  • Car breakdown
  • Ice on windshield
  • Stranded vehicle due to snow, ice, mud or sand

As mentioned earlier, most kits offer a different assortment of items which greatly affects there price. It is recommended to get a kit with as many items in it as you can afford. You could also build your own kit which we will discuss in more detail later. There are some items that are a must-have in the kit which I will discuss next. 

Stranded driver

READY.GOV also suggest these vehicle safety tips:

  • Keep your gas tank full in case of evacuation or power outages. A full tank will also keep the fuel line from freezing
  • Install good winter tires and ensure they have adequate tread or any jurisdiction-required chains or studs

  • Do not drive through flooded areas. Six inches of water can cause a vehicle to lose control or possibly stall. A foot of water will float many cars.
  • Be aware of areas where floodwaters have receded. Roads may have weakened and could collapse under the weight of a car.
  • If a power line falls on your car you are at risk of electrical shock, stay inside until a trained person removes the wire.
  • If there is an explosion or other factors that makes it difficult to control the vehicle, pull over, stop the car and set the parking brake.
  • If the emergency could impact the physical stability of the roadway avoid overpasses, bridges, power lines, signs and other hazards

Emergency Car Safety Kits: What items should it have?

Car on fire

Most kits offer different products but there are some items that we recommend as must-haves. 

These include:

  • Food – items that don't spoil such as energy bars
  • Water – keep in plastic bottles so they don't break if frozen
  • Blankets
  • Clothing
  • First aid kit with seat belt cutter
  • Shovel, window scraper or snowbrush
  • Candle and matches
  • Flashlight
  • Whistle
  • Roadmaps

Other items we also recommend to keep in the vehicle:

  • Tire traction mats
  • Antifreeze windshield fluid
  • Rope
  • Jumper cables and/or portable car battery charger
  • Portable tire inflator
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Warning signs or road flares

Emergency Car Safety Kits: Prepared vs. DIY kits… 

You can buy great emergency car kits through our website but you can also make one your own or both if you like. If you want to save time and money we recommend buying a pre-assembled kit. You could always buy a smaller kit that is within your budget and add to it as you want. 

If you are a DIYer, all items can be bought separately and placed in your vehicle accordingly. Either way, take the necessary steps to protect you and your loved one from unexpected roadside emergencies. 

Emergency Car Safety Kits: Don't forget The Portable Tow Truck...

No one can be 100% prepared for everything but an emergency roadside car kit can help protect you, your family and friends and company employees when the unexpected happens. Just like a jack and a spare tire, these kits are a must-have for every driver and depending on the situation, they could be the difference between life and death. 

Now that we have talked about emergency car safety kits, what they are and situations when you would need them, we would like to introduce a product that we feel should be in every vehicle just like an emergency car safety kit. That product is the one size fits all THE PORTABLE TOW TRUCK - THE ULTIMATE TIRE TRACTION DEVICE. The Portable Tow Truck is proven tire traction pad used by the largest commercial fleet companies in the world and 1000s of residential customers as well. Black Portable Tow truck

For very little money, you can have the best tire traction device for snow, ice, mud, sand and wet grass in your vehicle at all times. 

The Portable Tow Truck can be used with any vehicle

They are lightweight and can be used by any driver with any vehicle type (cars, trucks, vans, RVs, small, medium and large fleet vehicles) over and over. Now you don't worry about getting stuck or having to call someone for help on your next picnic, beach or camping trip or family or friend outing. 


To learn more please visit our LEARN page and let us know if you have any questions about our product by visiting our ABOUT US page. 

Finally, take a look at our REVIEWS page. This is what Cathy C. had to say about The Portable Tow Truck...

"I was at a weekend RV outing event this past summer. I saw three RV's, one car, and one truck get stuck due to excessive rain and mud that weekend. A guy had several sets of these with him in his RV and he actually used them on all three RV's, the car and truck to get unstuck. I was shocked the product worked so well. Based on the price these are a must in my opinion." 5 out of 5 stars

Orange Portable Tow Truck being used

What do you think? Please comment below on this post about emergency car safety kits and The Portable Tow Truck and also check out and like our Social Media sites below to get up to date product info and industry news and remember - Don't Get Stuck Without The Portable Tow Truck!

If you would like to read more on this topic from READY.GOV please click HERE.



Date: 5/31/2018
We always travel with an emergency kit and it's saved our bacon more times than I can count! I really like the looks of the Portable Tow Truck, it's not at all what I was expecting. My husband would get a lot of use out of that!
Date: 6/1/2018 8:49:00 AM
Hello and thank you for commenting. Many people don't think about car safety issues until an incident happens which is usually too late in many situations. As such, they have to scramble to rectify the situation on the spot which usually costs them more time and money if they were not prepared. If we can answer any questions about our product please let us know. Thank you, Curtis.
Date: 5/31/2018
First of all, let me tell you that not only I haven't got a safety kit in my car, but I don't even have a spare tyre. I know, how risky is that?!?!?! I really must do something about that. But, having got stuck in the mud this winter with my older 'van' style car, I have to say I am must impressed by the Portable Tow Truck kit. In spite of the smaller size of my current car, I am sure it would fit in my small booth, and yes, I wish I had had it in my booth in February, when I really didn't think I was ever gonna get out of a very muddy and water logged field ???? So, thank you ever so much for the suggestion, I shall definitely look into this. Can you advise whether the product is available in UK though?
Date: 6/1/2018 8:52:00 AM
Hello and thank you for commenting. Just like a spare tire and jack, we strongly recommend having a car safety kit and The Portable Tow Truck in your vehicle at all time to be prepared for the unexpected. Unfortunately, at this time, we do not offer The Portable Tow Truck in the UK so we do apologize. If we can answer any more questions about the product please let us know. Thanks, Curtis

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