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ThePortableTowTruck.com is a Curtizmo Creative site about the best tire traction mats on the market today - The Portable Tow Truck. 

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My name is Curtis and I am the owner of Curtizmo Creative. I run a digital advertising, marketing and sales company that is dedicated to bringing the best products to the masses online. Our first product to market is The Portable Tow Truck - The Best Tire Traction Device. This is a proven and reliable tire traction mat, used by the largest commercial fleet companies in the world and 1000's of retail customers, that helps any driver and any vehicle type (cars, trucks, fleet vehicles, 18 wheelers, RV's etc.) get unstuck from snow, ice, mud and sand. While we mainly focus on The Portable Tow Truck in this site, we also talk about additional car safety products in many of our blog and social media posts in order to provide reliable information about safety and emergency roadside preparedness to our customers and fans. This is something that we are very serious about in order to help you, your family and company drivers in the time of need. If safety and preparedness, in general, is something that is important to you, please bookmark this site and visit and like our social media sites below to get regularly updated info on car safety and emergency roadside topics. Also, you can reach out to me any time as I love to talk to our customers and fans. I look forward to talking with you and remember  - Don't Get Stuck Without The Portable Tow Truck!. 

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