A flat tire: The best things to have in your car...

Posted by on 4/10/2018

Driver with a flat tire

Have you ever wondered what are the best things to have in your car for a flat tire? Well, that probably varies from person to person if you asked them but there are a few things that everyone should have in their car at all times in case of a flat tire. Today we are going to talk about the best things to have in your car at all times for a flat tire so the next time it happens you will save time, money and a lot of headaches by being prepared. These can be easily added to your car essentials list or you can visit our blog site to learn more about car safety in general. 

Best things to have in your car: A spare tire and jack...

It's plain and simple..if you have a vehicle, eventually, you are going to get a flat tire and it's never a good a time to get one of those. Prepare for this by always keeping a car jack and spare tire in your vehicle. Depending on why the tire is flat, a spare tire and jack may take more time to fix the situation but they can be a better option. If your car tire is severely punctured or the side wall has blown out, other methods of fixing it (which we will talk about later) will not work. This is why it's important to always keep a spare tire and jack in your car at all times because you just don't know what type of flat you will have. 

Spare tire and jack

If you are not sure how to change a flat tire, please visit the Bridgestone.com link at the bottom of this post to learn more. 

Best things to have in your car: A can of tire sealant...

We also recommend keeping a can of tire sealant or fix a flat (as it's commonly referred to by many people) in your car at all times as well. If you are not familiar with tire sealant, it comes in a spray can that you screw onto your tire air valve. It inflates your tire and internally seals small puncture holes at the same time. 

There is a catch though as the puncture has to be very small. If you get a small nail puncture, tire sealant will normally work but it will not seal a normal or large size puncture. You would need a spare tire and jack in those situations. Also, tire sealant normally works for one tire at a time so you do need to replace the can after every use. 

Tire Sealant

As you can see, tire sealant is a very easy way to get your tire inflated and a puncture sealed at the same time. Depending on the situation, tire sealant can be a much better choice than a spare tire and jack but it's always best to have both in your car at all times just in case. 

Best things to have in your car: A portable tire inflator...

The third item we recommend having in your car at all times is a portable tire inflator. Portable tire inflators are battery powered and/or cigarette lighter powered handheld compressors that allow you to put air in your tires very easily. 

Portable tire inflator

These are great on many levels as they are very inexpensive, compact and they can be used over and over. One thing they don't do though is seal a puncture hole like tire sealant. These are great to get you out of a jam if you have a tire with a slow leak or they can at times inflate your tire just enough to get you to the nearest tire repair show. They can also inflate a spare tire that might be low on air which is common since portable tires are used as much or monitored very often. 

Please note the battery powered portable tire inflators need to be checked regularly to make sure the battery is charged and cigarette lighter powered portable tire inflators with not power on if your car battery is dead. 

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Best things to have in your car: If these don't work...

As you can see, a spare tire and jack, tire sealant and a portable tire inflator should have you covered when you get a flat tire. If these don't work, we recommend using your cell phone to call for roadside assistance or help. 

We do not recommend relying on your cell phone as your only plan when you get a flat tire. Please be advised that cell phones don't always work in all areas and they can leave you stranded. If your cell phone doesn't work you can always try to flag down a stranger to help you but we only recommend this a very last resort as we don't always know strangers true intentions. 

No cell signal

Best things to have in your car: The Portable Tow Truck...

orange tire traction mat

Now that we have discussed what items should be in your car at all times in case of a roadside emergency like a flat tire, we'd also like to introduce you to a car safety item that helps give your car tires instant traction whenever you need it. For those situations, we would like to introduce THE PORTABLE TOW TRUCK - THE ULTIMATE TIRE TRACTION DEVICE

The Portable Tow Truck is proven tire traction aid used by the largest commercial fleet companies in the world and 1000s of people as well. For very little money, you can have the best tire traction device for snow, ice, mud, and sand in your vehicle at all times. They are lightweight and can be used by any driver with any vehicle type (cars, trucks, vans, RVs and small, medium and large fleet vehicles) over and over. The Portable Tow Truck can save you hours of time and hundreds of dollars over a tow truck if you ever need them in a sticky situation. 

Black Portable Tow Truck in Snow

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Nicholas Richards
Date: 4/10/2018
Being stranded is enough to make anyone panic!! I had a drive belt snap during -25 Celsius weather so I'm sensitive to the fact that people should have blankets and a signal for help in their vehicle on top of your list! LOL! Very informative article that'll help someone out there be a little more prepared, no matter what comes their way!! Looking forward to your future posts! :)
Date: 4/10/2018 3:42:00 PM
Thanks for commenting and yes, I agree that blankets and signals (as well as many other items) should be in your car as well. We actually did a blog post recently that included these items and others. Thanks again, Curtis
Date: 4/10/2018
Actually a portable tire inflator is a really good idea. these can work quite easily. You said that these are cheap if I want to purchase a higher end one how much should I spend? And can you recommend a brand?
Date: 4/10/2018 6:02:00 PM
Thanks for replying. The inexpensive ones good also from what I've used and seen. I paid $10 for mine and I've had it several years and used it many times. You could spend up to $50 (or more) for one if you wanted though depends on what you are looking for. Visit my BUY NOW page link below and then click on the portable tire inflator pic and you can see all the ones listed on Amazon with reviews. I'm sure you can find one in your budget range. Let me know if I can answer any more questions for you. Thanks, Curtis http://www.theportabletowtruck.com/Buy-Now_ep_55.html

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