The Portable Tow Truck
Snow Chain Alternative & Tire Traction Aid/Mat - Never Get Stuck With The Portable Tow Truck!
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Used by the largest parcel delivery companies in the world to get unstuck in rough weather and terrain and now available to you!

What is The Portable Tow Truck? 
  • The Portable Tow Truck is a snow chain alternative or tire traction aid/device that was originally developed out of necessity to save time and money for parcel delivery vehicles that got stuck on the road due to adverse weather and terrain conditions
  • Each set (available in Black and Orange) contains 2 traction mats (one for each spinning tire) that fit in the trunk of your vehicle
  • Made from polypropylene (which aids in both strength and flexibility) and weighting 2.5 lb. per 36-inch long mat, 1 set (5 lb.) of The Portable Tow Truck gives you 2 solid, stable, virtually indestructible traction mats that will work on almost any vehicle that is stuck in snow, sand, or mud.
  • Now, you have the tools and peace of mind that the largest parcel companies in the world have to avoid unnecessary towing costs and headaches
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The Portable Tow Truck (1 Set Black)
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